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Your Home Free’s Program

Let New England Property Management provide you with peace of mind when you are not here. Our Your Home Free’s Program program is for owners of second homes or vacation properties that do not plan to rent them under our typical property management program but would still like a professional team to maintain it in top condition for the personal enjoyment of their family and guests.

We understand the constraints of distance and time in caring for a second home and strive to help you fully enjoy your investment and vacation time by offering a full range of services to make sure your property is well cared for and secure.

Here are just some of the services we offer!

Full Exterior Inspection

  • Check for broken glass
  • Fallen branches or trees
  • Insects, rodents, small animal
  • Water leaks, standing water
  • Inspect for deferred maintenance items
  • Remove newspapers and flyers
  • Dock
  • Boat storage
  • Garage or other storage buildings
  • Swimming pool/Spa

Full Interior Inspection

  • Mold or water damage
  • Change expired batteries or light bulbs
  • Inspect for insects or rodent intrusions
  • Inspect under sinks for leaks
  • Run water and flush toilets
  • Manage climate controls
  • Change filters
  • Meet vendors for routine or deferred maintenance
  • Answer alarm calls
  • Prepare for unexpected weather conditions


We are committed to ensuring your maintenance services are taken care of quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently. We work with only the best subcontractors and vendors which we have established  relationships with. Our expectation is that they provide the same level of service expected by New England Property Management.


  • Arborist
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Handyman Repairs
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Flood Restoration
  • Turnover Improvements
  • Rain Gutter
  • Landscape
  • Water Heater Inspections
  • Storm Drain Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance

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What owner fees are charged by New England Property Management?

Monthly Management Services: 

Pricing for our Home Away Service is based on the location, size, and complexity of the home. A custom quote is provided after a property visit and consultation. Pricing typically ranges from $250/month for small properties and up to $550/month for large scale estates.

Services outside of our “Scope of Work”: 

We are sometimes asked to do things for our clients which we consider to be outside of our property management scope of work. Examples might be searching for and finding an appraiser and meeting them at the home, on behalf of the owner, for the purposes of a refinance on the property. While we are always pleased to assist when and where we are asked, we find it necessary to charge for our time to complete such out of scope services, billed at a rate of $50/hour.

Are we locked into a long-term property management contract?

There is NO long-term commitment on your part. We're highly service oriented and confident you will be pleased with our performance. This is our Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied you can discontinue our services at any time after the first month on 30-day notice. To assure that there is only one property manager at a time handling a property, however, our agreement is exclusive in nature while under contract.

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