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Should You Manage Your Rental Property Yourself?

Property Management Blog
Now that you’ve bought a rental unit, it’s time to make an important decision that will make or break your bottom line: should you hire a property manager or manage the rental unit yourself? Investors should understand... read more >>

Why Staging Matters to Property Managers

Property Management Blog
Staging can make a rental unit look its best to prospective tenants without the prohibitive cost of a complete renovation. You can hire a staging expert for a small fee to increase the house's aesthetic appeal or go the DIY ro... read more >>

Three Ways to Spot a Bad Landlord

Property Management Blog
While the location and layout may be one of the top considerations when  looking for a place to rent, there is one significant factor that can have a much bigger impact on your life: the landlord. A landlord will be resp... read more >>

How to Deal with a Rent Hike

Property Management Blog
None of us likes an increase in rent, but it's that one truth of life we all must deal with (at least those who rent their living spaces). Your landlord can often increase the rent to deal with increasing maintenance costs, re... read more >>

Why Real Estate is the Best Investment in the World

Property Management Blog
According to research, real estate was rated as the top long-term investment. Gold, stocks, savings accounts, bonds, and mutual funds followed. It’s the same all around the world. The emotional satisfaction of owning la... read more >>

Five Types of Problem Tenants You Should Know About

Property Management Blog
Running a rental business can quickly become a nightmare if you rent your unit to the wrong kind of people. Dealing with those problem tenants can drive even the most patient landlords to the edge.If you are currently dealing with... read more >>

Top 3 Tips for Expiring Eviction Moratoriums

Property Management Blog
A very important protection for tenants created by the CARES Act, sadly,  ended on July 25th. It is commonly referred to as the ‘eviction moratorium’ and this protection had applied to at least 25% of all the... read more >>

Six Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Tenants

Property Management Blog
Trusting a stranger to live in your home responsibly requires landlords to take a big leap of faith. While you can move on ahead with the application process without doing any pre-screening, it's a good idea to learn as much a... read more >>

Tips on Improving Tenant Retention in Single Family Rentals

Property Management Blog
Most experienced property managers and landlords will agree that their tenant turnover is among the largest expenses for property owners. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that once you have found good tenants, your next ... read more >>
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